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How To Cure Yeast Infection

The Probacto Review – The Inside Scoop

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So you've probably heard of this probiotic made to fight yeast called Probacto. And if you're anything like I was, you're probably looking at the word Candida while wondering exactly what it means. The short version of the story is that it is a type of yeast organism that lives in the body – in everyone's body. It doesn't matter if you're a man, woman, or child. An overgrowth could cause health complications for any one of us. watch this video for leaky gut lecture

No Way. I don't have a yeast infection.

That's exactly what I thought as I started to research my original symptoms. As a man, I thought I just had some sort of bowel disorder, or IBS. It’s really not that uncommon to have Irritable Bowel Syndrome, at least according to the mayoclinic, it’s not nearly as serious as Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis. I'd had a pretty bad bout with strep throat, and then a couple of months later I had a urinary tract infection. Then my wife and kids got sick and I ended up with bronchitis after catching their flu. I was on constant rounds of antibiotics with what seemed like very little break between each.

At first I thought I was having digestive problems because of the antibiotics. That's normal, right? So I took some OTC probiotics for a week or so and ate the extra cups of yogurt my wife kept slipping into my lunch box. I felt a little bit better, for a while, but I never really felt like I was back to “normal.”

The Day Everything Changed

One of the things people don't understand about Candida is that while it starts out as a yeast organism, it can turn into a fungus. When that happens, it starts to attack the body and the results are less than pleasant. A lot of the symptoms that occur mimic the symptoms you'd have if you had any of a dozen other disorders – like my aforementioned urinary tract infection, skin irritations, and even depression. As the length of time I wasn't feeling well got longer, I found myself suffering from gastrointestinal issues – painful gas, loose bowel movements, outright diarrhea, nausea, and even severe headaches. I didn't feel well, which led me to not feel like eating, and what I was eating wasn't so healthy – simply because I was reaching for any comfort food I could find when I did want to eat. Things like pasta (carbs), soda (Coke to calm my stomach), and sweets became more the norm than an occasional treat. Little did I know, I was actually fueling the Candida and causing the fungus to grow and thrive.

One day the pain was so bad I had to ask my wife to take me to the emergency room. They diagnosed me with a condition called leaky gut syndrome. Leaky gut syndrome is as icky as it sounds. According to webmd, leaky gut allows toxic fluids to leak out of my intestines and into my bloodstream. I was, in short, literally poisoning myself.

The good news is that the doctor I was working with in the hospital was familiar not only with leaky gut and gastrointestinal disorders, but with Candida as well. He put me on a strict diet and a regime of probiotics, but he told me that unless I really cleared the yeast out of my system, I'd likely be sick again.

Searching for the Right Cure

I definitely searched high and low for the right cure for my condition. I visited a ton of websites and read a lot of information about the Candida diet, herbal supplements, detoxification of the major organs, and even parasites. Everything seemed so confusing and, to be honest, difficult to cope with.

One day I happened to stumble on probacto and I started to read their blog. Of all the sites I visited, it was the first one that I felt really cared about you and – to my surprise – they had countless experts writing for them, helping people to cure Candida infections. They even had a question and answer board where you can ask any question and an expert would answer almost immediately. To this day, I am not sure why more doctors don't recognize the impact Candida can have on the human body – even in men. I'm lucky to have stumbled upon the doctor I had in the hospital, and I'm even more grateful to have been able to find probacto probiotics and read their free information.

Their blog helped me to totally understand how and why the yeast organism was destroying my gut. I learned why the antibiotics I had been on had led me down a slippery slope, and I realized that my poor eating habits had done nothing but fuel the condition.

Life After Candida

Following the free diet Probacto provided was tough at first, but it was well worth the effort. Several months after my trip to the emergency room, I'm now stronger and healthier than I've been in over a year – maybe even in my entire adult life. Not only did I cure my infection and get rid of my leaky gut, but I made a clear transition to a clean eating lifestyle that will last me for years into the future – hopefully promoting greater health and a long life. I have to thank everybody who helped me get through it, my wife who was very accommodating with my meals, and helped take care of my health, the doctor in the hospital who was actually able to diagnose me properly, and probacto for providing the best probiotic in the world as well as not charging me a penny to learn everything I had to about yeast infections.


Men Yeast Infection Treatment Home Remedy Option

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Treatment of yeast infection in men is easy. There are a number of ways to treat this infection. One can use antifungal medications, over the counter medication or use of natural products (alternative medication). The use of natural products is considered to be the best solution because there are no side effects associated with it. Tea tree oil, garlic, yogurt, coconut oil, aloe Vera gel, cranberry juice, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar are the major alternative remedies to yeast infections worldwide.

Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil has a very powerful anti-fungal property. It is pale yellow in color with a freshly pleasant odor. This oil contains different types of compounds. However, central in the functionality of this oil is terpinen-4-ol.

Dilution of tea tree oil
Tea tree oil is diluted prior to its application on the affected skin area; otherwise it will cause skin irritation in form of swelling and inflammation. To dilute, add two to three drops of tea tree oil to three tablespoons of water/sweet almond oil or olive oil and mix.

After dilution of the tea tree oil, use a cotton swab to wipe the affected area around the penis and let it dry. However, if there is any feeling of irritation, wash thoroughly with water and discontinue its application.

Garlic, being in the family of onions, plays a critical role in the treatment of many medical conditions. It has properties important in the fight against fungi, bacteria and viruses. Garlic is orally consumed by chewing, mixing with vegetables or mixing with lukewarm water if in powder form. However, it can sometimes be applied directly on the affected area. In case of direct application, mix a spoonful of garlic powder with a cup of lukewarm water; immerse the penis in the garlic solution for five to ten minutes twice a day, every morning and every evening before retiring to bed. Afterwards, dry the penis completely with a cloth. This is to get rid of any moist environment that can support fungal growth around the penis. If one decides to consume garlic, mix chopped garlic in a glass of warm water or milk, mix and drink. This serves to cure and prevent not only fungal related infections but also other diseases associated with the heart and the liver. However, garlic can be allergic to some people and always produces bad breath when consumed.

Yogurt is a probiotic, having microorganisms of health benefit. It plays a major medicinal role in many medical conditions. It contains lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria that counter the growth of yeast. Sugar should not be added to yogurt intended for medicinal use because yeast feeds on sugar thus enhancing their growth. Yogurt is consumed orally or applied directly applied on the affected area.

Coconut oil
Coconut oil is also considered to be medically important. It has a number of amino acids which boosts immunity in our bodies. Two tea spoonfuls of this oil are consumed daily before meals. Additionally, this oil can be wiped directly on the affected skin area using a swab.

Cranberry juice
Cranberry juice is important as far as yeast treatment is concerned. It is mixed with sweeter juices or slightly diluted with water before consumption. It contains phyto-chemicals and oxalates that play a critical role in this process. It acts by completely altering the PH and promotes growth of acidophilus bacteria. This juice is consumed twice a day until symptoms subside.

Aloe Vera gel
Aloe Vera is also an important natural product in curing yeast. It also completely prevents recurrence of this infection. It contains saponin, which forms the core compound of medical importance. Aloe Vera is applied externally on the surface affected by the infection twice a day. The penis can also be soaked in the solution for at least two minutes and dried.

Lemon juice vinegar
Lemon juice plays a central role in the treatment of yeast as it alters the PH of the environment. In addition to its role in pH reduction, it contains vitamin C. Consumption of 100ml of this juice effectively serves to restore the pH that does not favor fungal growth.

Apple cider vinegar (ACV)

Apple cider vinegar is highly acidic. Acetic acid is a major component in vinegar. It is slightly diluted by adding one cup of ACV to warm water and soak the penis for three minutes.


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